Diatomaceous Earth To Promote Healthy Lifestyle Choices

People are continuously exploring more ways of improving their health and general well being. The deterioration of your health due to smoking is something that increases with time and use, in the same way your health will improve little by little by making better lifestyle choices to prevent future health problems. In recent times, food grade diatomaceous earth, an affordable, safe and natural supplement has gained prominence in clinical research and shown its myriad health benefits. Diatomaceous earth comprises of fossilized shells of aquatic microscopic organisms called diatoms. These single-celled organisms form the basic food of all sea life. Diatoms use sand (soluble silica) from their natural surroundings to make their shells (exoskeletons).

de_8bonesWhen they die, the shells sink to the bottom, forming thick sediments of the Diatomaceous earth. Silica, one of nature’s most abundant minerals, is the most significant trace (or micro) mineral in our bodies. Diatomaceous earth is mainly composed of silica. It also contains several trace elements which include zirconium, boron, copper, magnesium. Diatomaceous earth is basically an edible and nutritious variety of silica.

Diatomaceous Earth & Silica

Silica is found in foods such as brown rice, millet, asparagus, alfalfa oats and leafy greens. However, soil depletion has drastically reduced the silica content in our foods. Aging has a deleterious effect on our capacity to absorb and retain healthy silica levels. Studies suggest that foods only provide one third of our silica requirements. Generally the human body requires about seven grams, which is more than other nutrient elements such as calcium and iron. There can be many positive outcomes and silica supplement benefits when taken consistently.

Diatomaceous Earth Clinical Studies

  • Ward-off osteoporosis and promote bone health. The body needs silica to help the body in absorption of minerals such as calcium, magnesium and phosphorous which are important for the growth of healthy, robust and flexible bones. Silica improves the body healing process, minimizes scarring, and prevents problems such as osteoporosis by being converted to calcium when required by the body.
  • Fight Alzheimer’s Disease Accumulation of aluminum has been shown to have a contributory effect on Alzheimer’s disease. Silica combats aluminum buildup and accelerates its removal through urination. Therefore taking this supplement has a positive effect on neurological health.
  • Promote Cardiovascular Health Clinical studies have shown that reduced silica levels in the aorta leads to weakened heart tissues and greater possibilities of heart attack. Diatomaceous earth has been proven to significantly reduce both cholesterol and plaque which enables arteries and veins maintain flexibility. Silica also enhances lung tissue repair and stabilizes blood pressure.
  • Reduce premature aging: Aging reduces the skin’s elasticity, causing sagging and wrinkles due to decreased collagen. Silica assists the connective tissues to retain moisture and vitality. This assists in delaying aging, and also prevents arthritis and collagen loss which may also cause malformation of bones.
  • Enhance our immune health. Silica plays a crucial role in the skin and digestive systems, which form the body’s front line defense against diseases. It helps in the synthesis of antibodies which help fight against pathogens and allergens.
  • Streamline our digestive system. Granules of Diatomaceous earth have a sharp, cylindrical shape which helps scrape off parasites toxins and viruses from our digestive system. They also absorb toxins and cling to hazardous fats found in the body.

This helps lower bad cholesterol since the trapped wastes are safely and efficiently excreted from the bowels. Diatomaceous earth is an inexpensive and highly effective supplement that can greatly enhance health both our health and quality of life .This remarkable supplement can also be used as an animal dewormer and a general pest repellent in the home.

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